Overdue payments from hospitals rise 195 million in five months

ASAEOverdue payments from hospitals rise 195 million in five months -

Pharmaceutical industry says debt is close to the highest values of 2012.

In five months overdue payments from NHS National Health Service hospitals to external suppliers increased by € 195 million, from € 544 million in December last year to € 739 million in May of this year. The data are included in the monthly monitoring of the Central Administration of the Health System (CAHS), which also shows a tendency to increase compared to the same period of the previous year. Pharmaceutical industry says hospital debt was in June at 930 million euros, values close to those recorded in 2012 when the country was under financial assistance.

Data from May show that total hospital debt to external suppliers is EUR 1.592 million, but amounts outstanding (value after the invoice expiration date) and late payments (arrears 90 days after The salary of the invoice) the most worrying: 1.160 million and 739 million, respectively. Any one of them shows an increase in comparison with the homologous period. In the case of the former, 23.6%, and in the latter, 22.2%.

A trend that nullifies the reduction of arrears achieved at the end of 2016, which has led the CDS and the PSD to question the Health Minister on the many occasions he has gone to the parliamentary committee. In March, PSD deputy Miguel Santos pointed to the slippage in the accounts, noting that the SNS had received in December "a cushion of 220 million euros of finances and even closed 2016 with a balance of 200 million less." "Have you talked to the finances to secure more checks by the end of the year?" He asked at the end of the speech.

Source: "DN" Newspaper and author on August 14, 2017