INFARMED. Chronicle of an announced indecision

INFARMED. Chronicle of an announced indecision -  

Government announced change to Oporto. And it waits until June for working group conclusions.

The decision to announce on November 21 that the move from INFARMED to Oporto in 2019, after failing the city's candidacy as the seat of the European Medicines Agency, caught everyone off guard and became a throwing weapon of the against the government of António Costa. To the first certainties, the prime minister himself left a little assertive defense of this change on December 6: "The government's decision is for INFARMED to go to Oporto." On the same day, Costa recognized the shot in the feet that was the communication of the decision. "If there is one thing I manifestly have to acknowledge is that the government was very awkward in this, because deciding a good thing and presenting it as a bad thing is awkward."

The good thing is yet to see if it will happen. It is only in June 2018 that there will be conclusions from the committee commissioned by the government to study the implications of the transfer of the Lisbon institute to Oporto. On the eve of Christmas, Health Minister Adalberto Campos Fernandes went to Parliament to ensure that this transfer will only take place when "the continuity of activity and respect for the stability and working conditions of the workers, a group of very differentiated, competent and capable ". Workers have said they do not want to, but the government has insisted that it will respect the rule of law. In this quadrature of the circle, Adalberto left two guarantees, on December 20: "In the case of INFARMED, nobody will do anything that calls into question the professionals"; "There will never be Infarmed without workers and there will never be INFARMED without skilled workers."

For the Minister of Health, the decision was considered by the government. "There was also, when the announcement was made, the thought of saying that we had more than a year ahead of us. What would have been imprudent was that the decision had been taken at 21 and INFARMED was going to Oporto on January 1, 2018 . " For now, until June, there is an intention, that "to equate decentralization of INFARMED is of national interest". And this decision, which is political, will be supported in the working group, which is "very qualified".


 Source: Website of the "Diário de Notícias" newspaper and author on December 29, 2017