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Dra. Ana Galla

“The service provided by Primopraxis was characterized by a high level of professionalism, rigor and discretion." 




Os nossos clientes satisfeitos

Dr. João Mergulhão

"I thank Primopraxis for the excellence of its services, always in a professional and personalized way, namely to Dr. Nuno Correia for his valuable contribution in all phases of the process!"

Pharmacy Central - May 2017

Dra. Ana Galla

"The service provided by Primopraxis was characterized by a high level of professionalism, rigor and discretion."

Pharmacy Tojal - April 2017

Dra. Margarida Tavares

“The services provided by Dr. Nuno Correia deserve my utmost respect, for all their friendliness, availability and professionalism. I advise the intermediation in the sale and purchase of Pharmacy through the company Primopraxis. My thanks to Dr. Nuno Correia!"

Pharmacy Tavares de Matos e Neca Lda - February 2017

Dra. Maria José Falcão

“I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to Dr. Nuno Correia da Primopraxis for his outstanding performance throughout the entire sales process. Always discreet, cordial, tireless and fast in the resolution of any subject, conveying confidence and revealing a great professionalism. Congratulations Dr. Nuno Correia, congratulations Primopraxis!"

Pharmacy Falcão - November 2016

Dra. Catarina Penedo Valente

“We feel in Primopraxis and, in particular Dr. Nuno Correia, monitoring, knowledge and confidence that always left us confident as to the work and commitment, which makes us pleased and comfortable in recommending the services.”

Pharmacy São Miguel - March 2016

Dra. Isabel Santos

“The goals that they wanted to achieve were successfully achieved."

Pharmacy Galeno - October 2015

Dra. Assunta Rosa

“Taking into account the success of the operation , I just have to praise all the dedication and hard work that has been done in recent months for your team. I can conclude as soon as the Primopraxis is to be congratulated and personally, I really like to work with you."

Pharmacy Simões - November 2015

Dra. Paula Coelho Marques

“Having decided to sell my pharmacy, I contacted the Primopraxis. Dr. Nuno Correia proved to be a person with great professionalism, as well as integrity and respect."

Pharmacy Coelho Marques - September 2015

Dra. Filomena D´Oliveira Martins

“From the first contact with Dr. Nuno Correia Primopraxis , I felt protected and monitored throughout the property transfer process Pharmacy Oliveira Martins. My thank you!"

Pharmacy Oliveira Martins - May 2015

Dra. Maria do Céu Gasparinho Lobo

“At the end of 2013 and agreed to the sale of Gasparinho Pharmacy who owned and Technical Director, contacted the PRIMOPRAXIS firm represented Dr. Nuno Correia, towards driving the transmission of said Pharmacy process, the transfer that would be enforced in February 2014. It is with complete satisfaction that we recognize the high degree of professionalism transmitted by PRIMOPRAXIS during the procedure, completed in reasonable time and in a satisfactory manner taking into account the objectives pursued."

Pharmacy Gasparinho - March 2015

Dra. Lídia Dias & Dr. Zacarias Dias

“Importantly the competence and professionalism of Primopraxis in Dr. Nuno Correia person. Its relevance, insight and industry knowledge, has helped us to overcome some tricky situations trading ! "

Pharmacy Rocha Dias - August 2014

Dra. Ana Vasconcelos

“The transaction process of Varela Pharmacy (In Moscavide) took place in the best way, and all stages of the process was always accompanied by Dr. Nuno Correia with all the rigor and professionalism. I Recommend for sure the services Primopraxis!”

Pharmacy Varela - May 2014

Dra. Anabela Santos Pinto

"For some time, I was looking for a pharmacy. I contacted Dr. Nuno Correia and pass him what I wanted. Soon he introduced me to the pharmacy in question. Thereafter , Dr. revealed consistent and transparent professionalism. I advise to intervene in any business: buying or selling. Thank you Dr. Nuno for their excellent performance!"

Pharmacy André - January 2014

Dra. Olívia Roque

"We chose the Primopraxis when deciding the sale of Tejo Pharmacy , being the expert and leading company in the field of intermediation pharmacies!”

Pharmacy Tejo - December 2013

Dra. Eugénia Martins

"The sale of Exposul Pharmacy only take place due to the high degree of professionalism and honesty of Primopraxis in person Dr. Nuno Correia. We are very grateful for their work and wish him much success."

Pharmacy Exposul - November 2013

Dra. Maria do Espírito Santo

"The Primopraxis was the company that provided the intermediation service in the sale of Pharmacy Frazão. The work by Dr. Nuno Correia, showed that it is a fairly competent professional, rigorous, committed and knowledgeable of reality. Congratulations! I liked your service."

Pharmacy Frazão - November 2013

Dra. Luciana Catela Patrício

"After the transaction of our pharmacy, I wanted to express my sincere appreciation to the entire process took place. It contributed to this Dr. Nuno Correia with its professionalism, technical knowledge, willingness to solve all the issues and the continued availability to continue the same. For all this a thank you."

Pharmacy Catela Tavares - April 2013

Dra. Maria José Tavares

"The transaction process of Pharmacy Catela & Tavares, in Odivelas, that was a partner was executed with great interest, commitment, professionalism and effectiveness. Whether by that, whether the result of the sale of the pharmacy, I recommend Primopraxis and Dr. Nuno Correia! "

Pharmacy Catela Tavares - April 2013

Dra. Eduarda Ferreira

"I met Dr. Nuno Correia when I decided to sell my pharmacy Leão Soromenho, located in Setubal. The contact I had with Dr. Nuno Correia, I can assure that it is a suitable and serious person, with whom you can trust. It was for this reason was the intermediary chosen for sale."

Pharmacy Leão Soromenho - January 2013

Dr. Fernando Soares

"The methodology used in the Primopraxis consulting services, proved to be very appropriate, given the time limits required for service delivery that were very short indeed being however given the appropriate response by Primopraxis, deserving my absolute satisfaction. I consider very good consultancy service provided by Primopraxis as a whole!"

Pharmacy Soares - July 2012

Dr. Carlos Santos

"I consider Primopraxis, in the person of Dr. Nuno Correia, a competent company, serious and very effective in the sale of my Pharmacy Alto da Brandoa. I advise Primopraxis, as a reference to the transaction of any pharmacy."

Pharmacy Alto da Brandoa - October 2011

Dra. Ilda Cubal

"I recommend to all Clients of the Primopraxis services, and the company that best serves those who need to sell or buy pharmacy, they are doers and very professional."

Pharmacy Cunha - December 2010

Dra. Inês Mata

“The Primopraxis demonstrated the monitoring process as well elucidated and rigor, responsibility and safety. Updated and demanding accompanied the process always carefully.”

Pharmacy Alentejo - March 2010

Dra. Maria Beatriz Pimentel

"I'm Primopraxis customer for several years and is a company I admire as a branch where many complicated intermediaries, this company provides a service with high quality, guided by rigor and friendliness, providing the customer with the necessary support."

Pharmacy Central de Carviçais - September 2009

Dr. Amilcar Caleiro

“The Primopraxis as intermediary in the sale of my Pharmacy, was exemplary in the way they negotiated, highlighting its description, professionalism, competence and speed of action. Congratulations to your team, especially Dr. Nuno Correia"

Pharmacy Do Combro - July 2008

Dra. Joana Andrade & Dr. Ricardo Gonçalves

“The Primopraxis proved to be an essential partner in the transaction Morão Pharmacy, inclusively in the troubled times of the legislative changes we have seen in the past two years. From the perspective of those who sell it is essential that, opting for mediation, it transmits with rigor and professionalism reality pharmacy to sell. It is also expected a careful selection of the target buyer, where seriousness is a point of honor. These were the attributes found in full in Primopraxis and that made it this company to broker the sale of Morão Pharmacy. In the search for new business will trust again and for sure the services Primopraxis."

Pharmacy Morão - July 2008

Dra. Bárbara de Melo Gouveia

“The Primopraxis, in the person of Dr. Nuno Correia, is a real ally in both the buyer's perspective, as in the pharmacy seller, always honored with transparency, rigor, sympathy and competence. The Primopraxis is an excellent gateway to the business of pharmacies as complementary to mediation with the much needed management consulting. CONGRATULATIONS!"

Pharmacy Dalva - May 2007

Dra. Maria Luísa da Cruz Rodrigues

"Dr. Nuno Correia, intervened as a mediator in the goodwill of my Pharmacy São Marçal, located at S. Marcal street, 100 - 102 Lisbon, with great zeal and competence, yet revealing an extreme delicacy. I strongly recommend to anyone interested! "

Pharmacy São Marçal - April 2007

Dra. Maria Helena Beirão e Dr. José Beirão

“The collaboration of Dr. Nuno Correia Primopraxis in brokering the sale of Pharmacy Universitária was important, having shown great professionalism, competence and honesty in their dealings.”

Pharmacy Universitária - January 2006

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