Consumer protection study: Medicines remain cheaper in "hyper" but sold more in pharmacies

Study Consumer protection (Deco): Medicines remain cheaper in "hyper" but sold more in pharmacies -  

Non-prescription drugs continue to be cheaper in hypermarkets than in pharmacies, with prices 13% lower in a set of 24 drugs analyzed by the Deco consumer advocacy association. However, pharmacies continue to be consumer preferences and account for almost 80% of sales of non-prescription drugs.

Deco / Proteste analyzed the price of painkillers, cough syrups or anti-fluids and antihistamines, in pharmacies and in the health spaces of hypermarkets.

'Since the sale of non-prescription drugs was allowed outside pharmacies in 2005 and their price is no longer fixed by the State, our studies have consistently shown that pharmacies have the highest average price ', Says Deco, cited by Lusa news agency.

Of the group of best-selling drugs since 2005, only 11 have remained but the price has risen by almost 40%, unlike prescription drugs, whose prices have been declining.

The set of 24 medicines analyzed cost, on average, 118,50 Euros in hypermarkets, 134,17 Euros in parapharmacies and 134,37 Euros in pharmacies.

The pharmacies are the places that, according to Deco, show greater price variation for the same drug: in many cases the lowest prices and the highest prices were found in pharmacies.

Deco also looked at prices for ten personal care or dermocosmetic products, such as after-nappy cream or anti-lice products. Here too hypermarkets appear as those who practice the lowest average price, but the percentage difference in relation to pharmacies is only 4%.

In regional terms, Viseu presented the lowest mean value for both the medicines analyzed and personal hygiene products.

Lisbon showed the highest value in the case of medicines and Coimbra the highest in the set of 10 hygiene or dermocosmetic products.

Prices were collected by Deco between June and July this year in a total of 206 pharmacies, 92 parapharmacies and 69 hypermarket stores that responded. In total, 8,935 prices were collected from 308 establishments.

Source: "Netfarma" website and author on November 22, 2016