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Our captured value proposition in the evaluation service we deliver to our customers, allows them to obtain the current value of its main asset - A pharmacy that while asset generates future economic flows and whose current value must be permanently present in the minds of their owners , managing to determine if they are to invest in projects with higher rate of return to adequate profitability rate the level of risk of the project.

Evaluation of intangible asset (permit) Pharmacy

Economic study directed to the client which is in a neutral position or seller and is Pharmacy owner you want to check the value of your pharmacy, whether to take the decision to sell later, whether to get a sense of the value of your pharmacy while assets which are expected to flow future economic benefits.

Our commitment is to determine the value of intangible assets - Permit, by applying valuation model targeted for situations where the capital structure remains relatively stable and estimate the average cost of consistently capital to the financial policies and implications of possible growth.

This service allows to measure an adequate amount range trough the methodology developed and tested with success by Primopraxis involving the following steps:

Required documentation collection

Stage 1

Stage 2

Visit the Pharmacy (if applicable)

Defining Assumptions forward

Stage 3

Stage 4

Definition of Capital Structure Adequate

Sensitivity Analysis

Stage 5


Stage 6

Delivery and Performance Evaluation Report