High household contribution to medices creates acess difficulties

High household contribution to medicines creates access difficulties - Report -  


Portugal is the country of Europe where the population pays a larger share for medicines, with families directly supporting about 40% of the price, according to the Portuguese Observatory of Health Systems.

Speaking to the Lusa news agency, Aranda da Silva, spokesman for the coordination of the Observatory's Spring Report 2017, recalled that "there is a substantial part of the medicines that are directly supported by the families", which creates difficulties of access by the disadvantaged.

"There are no exemptions [in medicines] that allow access to improve the population groups that have fewer resources. There is, for example, the rate of moderation, but in the area of medicines there is no", said Aranda da Silva.

The Observatory of Health Systems emphasizes that medication is the main source of health expenditure in families, so that, in the absence of exemptions, "it is natural that the poor need access"

"One day, we have a two-speed health system, one for the poor and one for the other. We are almost there, this is unconstitutional. Our Constitution is very clear that the National Health Service Be equitable in access, "says Aranda da Silva.

"We are the country in Europe where the population pays the most for medicines. There is a substantial part where almost 40% of the price of medicines is borne directly by families," he said.

According to the Observatory, the persistent under-funding of the NHS "translates into poorer access" for patients, especially for the poor.


Source: "DN" Journal website and author on Junhe 28, 2017