More expensive drugs to be monitored by the Government

More expensive drugs to be monitored by the Government -

The most expensive drugs will be monitored by the Ministry of Health, through a management platform. The goal is to check the results and quality of treatments for chronic or rare diseases and also control the expense.

«This platform collects data reported by hospitals within the scope of the National Hospital's Drug Code, developed by INFARMED, and the Medical Electronic Prescription in Hospitals and will enable a detailed monitoring of the use of these hospital drugs, not only by institution, but also by active principle, for The terms of reference for contracting health care in the NHS (National health system) for 2017.

Hospitals that exceed the planned costs for treatments per patient will be penalized. In the case of HIV, the average annual price per patient is 9,166 euros and hospitals that exceed this amount will be penalized by 10%. The same will happen with pulmonary arterial hypertension, and then the hospital units will have a penalty of 1%.

«This penalty is intended to encourage the efficient use of NHS resources, so that institutions that perform better will have access to all available funding for this area. By keeping the price of 2017 identical to that of 2016 and, simultaneously, by promoting a reduction in the average monthly cost of the drug component, it is intended to reward the institutions that make this efficient use of resources in the NHS », explained to the "DN" source of the Central Administration of the Health System.


Source: "Netfarma" website and author on January 10, 2017