INFARMED approved funding for 15 new medicines

INFARMED approved funding for 15 new medicines -

Most of the innovative medicines, funded or reimbursed, are for hospital use, including molecules for the treatment of oncological diseases (three drugs), multiple sclerosis (two drugs) and cardiovascular diseases, with six new drugs approved.


Patients with access to new oncology drugs:

The National Drug Authority approved the reimbursement of three more treatments against cancer.
Oncology patients treated at National Health Service hospitals will have access to new drugs. Infarmed has approved the reimbursement of three more innovative drugs.

The treatments are intended for gastric neoplasms, lymphoblastic leukemia and lung cancer and had a green light during the first half of this year to be used in the state units.
In addition to the treatments against malignant neoplasias, it was also approved the state's contribution to another 12 new drugs. The majority, seven, is indicated for cardiovascular diseases, two for the central nervous system, as is the case of multiple sclerosis, and the others for osteoporosis, pulmonary hypertension, blood and genitourinary disorders.
Last year, Infarmed approved a total of 60 new molecules and 51 in 2016, both numbers record.


Source: "Expresso" Journal website and author on September 7, 2018.