Portuguese donated 14,000 medicines to institutions of solidarity

Portuguese donated 14,000 medicines to institutions of solidarity -  

Portuguese donors donated 14,000 medicines and health products, worth an estimated 56,000 euros, to users of 100 social solidarity institutions, in the context of the collection of medicines promoted by the Pharmaceutical Bank.

The 9th Day of Collection of Medicines, held last Saturday, counted on the participation of 220 pharmacies in 16 districts of the country, 600 volunteers and thousands of Portuguese.

Speaking to "Lusa" news agency, Ana Formigal, the spokeswoman for the Pharmaceutical Bank, made a very positive assessment of the initiative that collected 3,500 drugs compared to the previous year.

It also increased the number of adherent pharmacies (over 56), the number of volunteers (over 100), the number of institutions supported (10 more).

"We are very happy because once again the generosity of the Portuguese and of all those involved in this process has been proven", which translated into a "historical result," said Ana Formigal.

For the first time, he pointed out, "we have achieved a collection of 14,000 medicines and other health products" with which "we will be able to help a lot of people and this is very positive", he stressed.

This collection will benefit the users of 100 Private Institutions of Social Solidarity (IPSS) with valencia of support in the health area.

The institutions "will get these 14,000 medicines to people who have referrals and who need this type of products to improve their quality of life and maintain their health," she explained.

According to Ana Formigal, many of the medicines donated are "quite expensive" and not accessible to the poor.

"There have been requests for donations from the IPSS of relatively cheap products, from one euro, but in fact there is a product of seven, eight, nine, ten and more euros that the poorest people can not get there," he said.

The range of donated products is "immense" and ranges from "antipyretic classics" to antibacterial ointment, anti-flu or anti-allergic ointments.

Since 2009, the year the initiative first took place in Portugal, Banco Farmacêutico helped social solidarity institutions with 74,000 medicines and health products.

The Pharmaceutical Bank was founded in Milan by a collaboration between Companhia das Obras and the Lombarda Association of Pharmacy Owners and its mission is to "help the poorest people through the supply of medicines and health products, in collaboration with the welfare Operate locally. "

Source: "Netfarma" website and author on February 22, 2017