Pilot project for antiretroviral drugs reaches pharmacies

Pilot project for dispensing antiretroviral drugs reaches pharmacies - 

A pilot project for antiretroviral drug dispensation was launched yesterday at the community pharmacy in Lisbon, in the presence of the Health Minister, which will allow patients to "increase adherence, convenience and access to therapy" "of HIV among patients, according to the Lusa agency news.

According to the Ministry of Health, thanks to this initiative, many patients who until now had to travel long distances every month to go to the hospital and get their HIV medication, can start to lift their therapy, More convenient way, in a pharmacy of your choice.

With this initiative, the Ministry of Health says it intends to "value the role of community pharmacies as caregivers, betting on the development of measures to support the rational use of the drug and taking advantage of its services, in conjunction with the units of the Health System Service (SNS), in order to test the partial delegation of the administration of oral therapeutics in oncology and communicable diseases as one of the priority measures of its program. "In this context, a rigorous process of training pharmacists of 300 pharmacies in the area of Lisbon and surroundings, organized by the Order of Pharmacists.

The event, which took place at the Estacio pharmacy in Xabregas, with the participation of Minister Adalberto Campos Fernandes, served to mark World Aids Day, with Infarmed, Imperial College London, Health, the Order of Pharmacists, the National Association of Pharmacies, the Association of Pharmacies of Portugal, Association of Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals (Groquifar), and the Hospital Center of Central Lisbon.

The pilot project is being coordinated by Imperial College London and has been approved by the Ethics Commission of the Regional Health Administration - Lisbon and Vale do Tejo ARS-LVT and will involve about 800 patients with HIV (AIDS), accompanied at the Curry Cabral Hospital, whose participation will be voluntary.


Source: "Netfarma" website and author on December 2, 2016